Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Foam Sheet Fortune Cookies

Share these fabulous fortune cookies with your guests at your next party!

Not only are do these foam sheet fortune look adorably fabulous, but they are easy and fun to make.


Print or write fortunes, questions, phrases etc on 1/4" to 1/2" strips of paper.  You can personalize the fortunes to celebrate a special occasion - use as an interactive ice breaker centerpiece, an invitation to your event, or just to send a sweet or inspiring message to your friends and family members.

Cut a 3-4" circle out of a foam sheet.  Place the fortune strip across the inside of the circle. Fold the circle in half glueing the two rounds together with glue dots or double sided tape. Bring the open ends together opposite the rounds allowing a crease to form along the folded side of the circle. (see photo above) Glue the two sides together and fasten with a clothes pin until glue has dried.....and have yourself a personalized fortune cookie.  We carry a large variety of foam sheets and take-out boxes to put them in!

Make smaller fortune cookies with ribbon for fortunes and some folded tulle as a hair accessory or pin.  Take this idea and let your imagination run wild!  This is a fun and fast craft to do with the kids too!

-Market City BFC

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  1. This is such a fun idea! The foam sheets are reusable, and customizable with your own fortunes - and no calories either!