Friday, September 7, 2012

Halloween Candles with Black Sparkle Lace

Aloha Crafters ~

Today's Idea & Inspiration is inspired by our new 6 inch Sparkle Lace. Here it was used to enhance candles for a Halloween theme table setting.

  • 6" Black Sparkle Lace (30132555)
  • 3"x6" White Pillar Candle (30060780)
  • 6"x6" White Pillar Candle (30060768)
  • 10" White Taper Candle (30060744)
  • Candlestick (30129586)
  • 3/8" Halloween Ribbon (30133900)
  • 7/8" Black Satin Edge Ribbon (30116795)
  • 7/8" Orange Satin Edge Ribbon (30116772)
  • 7/8" Orange Satin Ribbon (30116688)
  • 1/8" Orange Satin Ribbon (30090693)
  • Box Dish Round (30107253)
  • 3/16" Dbl Stick Tape (30013283)
  • Fabric Scissors of choice

Instructions for Pillar Candles: 
  1. Cut Black Sparkle Lace to wrap around candles. Adhere to the candle with doublestick tape.
  2. Cut 2' of Black Satin Edge Ribbon, Orange Satin Edge Ribbon, and 2 types of Halloween Ribbon
  3. Adhere 1 type Halloween Ribbon to middle of each of the Black & Orange Satin Edge Ribbons.
  4. Tie bow around Black Sparkle Lace on each candle.
  5. Cut Black Sparkle Lace to fit around Box Dish Round, adhere using doublestick tape.
  6. Cut 2 ~ 1/8" Orange Satin Ribbon to fit around Box Dish Round. Adhere to top & bottom edge of Black Sparkle Lace on Box Dish Round.
Instructions for Black Sparkle Lace Pumpkin Candle:
  1. Cut 4 ~ 16" lengths of the Black Sparkle Lace. Cut each length in half = 8 ~ 3"x16" lengths.
  2. Adhere doublestick tape to each end of each 3"x16" Black Sparkle Lace lengths (same side of lace).
  3. Adhere 1 edge of 1st length of Black Sparkle Lace to collar of candle stick.
  4. Set candle stick on middle of Black Sparkle Lace length.
  5. Bring Black Sparkle Lace up to opposite edge of candlestick, adhere. 
  6. Continue adhering each piece of Black Sparkle Lace to candlestick per steps 3-5, working around candlestick to form "pumpkin".
  7. Freehand cut 2 leaves from Black Sparkle Lace.
  8. Doublestick tape 1/8" Orange Satin Ribbon to edges of leaves.
  9. Gather 7/8" Orange Satin Ribbon on to doublestick tape for the collar of the candlestick. Adhere.
  10. Tie 3 ~ 1/8" Orange Satin Ribbon to taper candlle.
Happy Crafting!

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