Friday, September 21, 2012

Deco Mesh Pumpkin Wall Hanging

Aloha Crafters ~

Today's Idea & Inspiration is a Deco Mesh Pumpkin. An interesting alternative for a Halloween Door Wreath.
  • Wire Form Metal Mesh: 77570457
  • Embroidery Hoop (size is your preference): 77614164
  • Orange Chenille: 77674432
  • Orange Deco Mesh: 30121903
  • Gold Deco Mesh: 30135365
  • Green Deco Mesh: 30115873
  • Light Green Deco Mesh: 30115876
  • Adhesive of choice
  • Marker
  • Scissors
For Pumpkin Body:
  1. Trace around Embroidery Hoop on to Wire Form Metal Mesh using marker
  2. Cut out Wire Form Metal Mesh circle
  3. Adhere Wire Form Metal Mesh to Embroidery Hoop (I used a glue gun)
  4. Cut Orange Chenille into 3" lengths
  5. Cut Orange Deco Mesh into 10" strips
  6. Cut Orange Deco Mesh 10" strips into 4 (four) - 5" strips
  7. Roll 5"x10" Orange Deco Mesh strips starting from one of the 5" sides
  8. Fold rolled Orange Deco Mesh roll in half, twist tie 1 of the Orange Chenille lengths around it once
  9. Thread Orange Chenille ends through Wire Form Metal Mesh twist tie & secure.
  10. Continue rolling, threading and securing Orange Deco Mesh rolls to Wire Form Metal Mesh until circle is full
For Stem & Leaves:
  1. Cut 10" of Gold Deco Mesh, roll, attach one end to top of pumpkin for (you can attach with a chenille length or glue)
  2. Depending on how thick you want your leaves, cut the Green Mesh  between 5"-8", roll & adhere
 Happy Crafting!

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