Saturday, October 17, 2015

Monster Corner Bookmarks


Hello Crafters!
Halloween is right around the corner! Are you ready? If not, it's okay! Here's a quick, kid friendly idea for some last minute crafting.
- Scissors
- Double Stick Tape
- Pop Dots
- Scrap Paper (Various Colors)
- Origami Paper (Various Colors)
- Circle Punches (Various Sizes

Take a piece of your selected origami paper and fold it into the corner bookmark. Here is a step by step diagram.
To complete the bookmark, I've tucked the top triangle into the opening. This step can be skipped if you'd like to decorate that flap instead.

All tucked and creased!

Next we're going to make the embellishments for the monsters. Here is where you can be extra creative! The size and quantity of monster face features is all up to you!
For Eyes:

Using different sized punches, punch out circles in different colors of scrap paper. Layer for an extra spooky effect!

Using pop dots will make eyes "pop" out of your bookmark! Try putting the pop dot on different layers of the eyes.
Use double sided tape to stick the eyes on the bookmark
For Teeth:
A tip for making triangle shapes: cut a corner off an already square piece of scrap paper.

Double stick tape the rest of the facial features to the bookmark.

The final product!

Try using different sizes and prints of origami paper for the base bookmark.

Have fun and get crafty!
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