Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Rustic Wedding Centerpiece

Hello, Crafters! 
Anyone going down to check out the Hawaii World Class Wedding Expo this coming 
Friday and Saturday at the Convention Center for some great ideas for your special day?
Well because of this big event coming up, this week we're going to be making some
 cute centerpieces for a rustic or country garden themed wedding.


Supplies Needed 
Two 4 inch wood slices
One 3 inch wood slice
 Hot Glue Gun
1 1/2 inch Burlap Ribbon 
Spanish Moss
One Pint Mason Jar
Small chalkboard hanging (pictured later)
Extra Fine Deco paint pen (pictured later)
 Tea Light Votive (I used the metallic silver David Tutera one.)
Tea Light (Flameless or not. Your choice.)
Excuse the upside down picture.. My computer was being finicky.

 Let's get started!
 First, I hot glued the smaller wood slice to the larger one and then hot glued the 
other large slice on top where they met.  I dotted some hot glue at the places where the slices overlapped and stuck on some of the Spanish moss.

 Next, after removing the lid from the mason jar, I cut about a 10 inch strip of burlap ribbon and hot glued it around the "waist" of the jar.

Then, I wrapped about 20 inches of twine around the ribbon and made a bow.

Next, hot glue the mason jar to the top wood slice.  This is when I also hot glued the 
votive to the larger of the slices on the bottom and stuck in the tea light.

 Here is the littlest chalkboard we got in this year.  Isn't it adorable?  Because I wanted the table number to be permanent, I decided to use a paint pen instead of chalk.  You could also use a Bistro chalk marker because those aren't erasable on this surface as well despite it being a chalkboard.
(The only chalk that is removable would be the actual compressed "school" chalk.)

 I hot glued the chalkboard to the base on the small wood slice.  Here is where you could add more Spanish moss on the bottom side of this as well.

Now all there is left to do is add your flower arrangement!  The pink roses with the glittery dew came in our Christmas shipment this year and the small white flowers are something we carry year round in our wedding section.  Aren't they beautiful?  Of course, you could always fluff it up a bit! Maybe with some thin branch tips in the bouquet? A little glitz with some glitter, rhinestones or sequins? Maybe some coarse gold or silver mixed in with some water in the jar?  
The possibilities are endless!

I hope this helps inspire all the husbands and wives to be and shows that a DIY wedding is 
definitely worth the work!  You get to be original and unique by having total 
control over your decorations and favors.  
 Be sure to check us out at the Wedding Expo this Friday and Saturday for 
more ideas and inspiration!  

See you there!
 Erika @ PC

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