Monday, January 23, 2017

Resin Ocean Shore

Hey all!

I am really excited to show you this project! This was my first time experimenting with pour-able resin, and it was easier than I anticipated, yet also was an interesting experience to learn and create at the same time! Goes to show, you never know until you try it! Don't be afraid of experimenting with new mediums!

pre-varnished and stained wooden tray with an edge
alcohol inks in greens, blues, and turquoise 
assorted shells and a starfish
white sand with white glitter mixed in
raw small glass chunks (sold in store)

First, to dye your glass, pour amount desired into zip-lock bag and squeeze a few drops of alcohol ink inside. A little ink goes a long way. When exposed to air, alcohol ink will dry very quickly, so utilizing the bag will help you get more even coverage. Add more glass, or color for intensity, as desired. Allow pieces to fully dry on some disposable flat surface.

I used a variety of blues and greens, and encouraged less consistent coverage so that some glass pieces would be darker than others. You can even leave a few pieces clear for contrast against the colorful ones.

After the glass had dried (10 minutes tops) I placed them in my tray to get a sense as to how they would look, and where I should place them in the sand.


 The box of resin comes with two bottles, that should be mixed with a 1:1 ratio, and a little goes a long way. Once 2 parts have been thoroughly mixed, separate a portion and mix that with sand. Spread gooey sand mixture to cover entire bottom of tray. Sprinkle dry sand onto parts you wants to be taller. All sand and shells will sink to the bottom through this resin, so keep that in mind. I placed individually each piece of glass and shell into the resin and sand mixture. As it cures, about 30-40 minutes after initial resin mixing, you can sprinkle more sand on top in certain areas to make some parts look like "dry sand". As it will be starting to harden, anything added on will be more likely to flat on top rather than sink to the bottom. Anything that gets covered by this glossy resin will look "wet" and I wanted the tops of the shells, glass, and sprinkles of sand to look "dry". 

Allow your gorgeous slice of the ocean to sit in a flat protected area away from dust or disturbances for 24 hours. It is SO amazing to touch it when it's dry and see how "wet" it looks when it is completely dry!! This would make a great tray for candles, or as a centerpiece on a coffee table, or even and interesting piece of wall art that seems to defy gravity! 

This was so much fun to make, and now I want to cover everything in this magical gloss!!! 
Have fun and happy art-ing!

Bethany @Enchanted Lake



  1. Wow! What a great looking project. It really looks natural and definitely would look super with candles or a small vase with fish or flowers in it.