Saturday, January 21, 2017

Washi Paper Mason Jar

                                                              Aloha everyone! 
                                        Doing a series of Kerr Mason Jars Idea for Valentine's Day.

                                                            Washi Paper heart Jar

 Kerr Mason jar
Washi Paper (Your Choice)
Heart punch
Sea glass Spray paint Color: Strawberry
Double sided tape
Mod podge
Sponge Brush

 Sprat the jar with the seas glass spray paint. Make sure to spray the led too. Set to dry
  Using the heart punch, punch about 15 hearts. Take the inside part of the lid and Trace it on to the extra washi paper. Cut it out, double stick the circle onto the top of the lid.
When jar is dry put some mod podge in the jar.  Then start to arrange your hearts arounds the jar.
When you think you have enough heart around the jar. Mod podge over the whole jar. This way the hearts will stay on the jar.
          You can fill it with kisses

                 Joy@hilo ben Franklin

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