Saturday, June 3, 2017

Felt Flower

      Felt Flower Bouquet

Ceramic Vase
5” Styrofoam Ball
2 each of felt sheets red-pink-fuchsia and hot pink
X47 die cut
5mm pearls
Glue gun

This is how to make the flowers.
As shown in the pictures
Cut the circles using the X47 die cut.  You will also need a smaller circle for the base of the flower.
You need 4 circles of the same color to make one flower. Take one circle and fold in half and then fold in have again. Then between the folds in the corner put a dab of glue. Pinch it until it is together. Repeat with the other 3 circles.  Take 2 pieces and glue them together on the side and then glue to the base. Repeat with the other 2 pedals. In the middle of the flower take some hot glue and bond them together as shown in pictures. When done take 4 pearls and glue one in each opened pedal. Repeat until you have 15 to 16 flowers

Put the Styrofoam ball into the vase. At the bottom of the ball you will glue the flowers to it. The first row takes 8 to 9 flowers (depending on it if you want them real close are father apart. The second row will have 5 flowers and that should just leave the top with room for the one flower. Your bouquet is done.
                                          Hilo Ben franklin

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