Monday, May 29, 2017

Gel Glass Stain Feathers & Teacups

Hello Magic Monday crafters!
Today I'm experimenting with Glass Stain, and all the ways to combine images with typography! I was curious about combining a very flat matte sea glass spray with the glossy shine of the gel stain, and I have to say, I think they make a perfect pair! I also thought it could be fun to throw some glitter or textural elements into the gel stain as it was hardening and it looks so amazing!!

glass vase with at least one flat side
assorted colors of Glass Stain
Glain Stain - black leading (don't worry, it's not really lead based!) 
glitter, foamie balls, confetti, micro-beads, or any other fun textural elements! 
Sea Glass Spray in the color "Ice"
DecoColor oil based marker pen in the color "black" 
twinkle firefly lights!


In order to draw complex pictures and designs you can use a coloring page and tape it to the inside of your glass vase and trace the lines using your black leading!

Next wait for you leading to harden for about 45 minutes!

Then squeeze your gel Glass Stain into your shapes! This gel is self leveling, so make sure the images you draw are closed shapes, as the leading borders will act like walls that keep the gel from running everywhere. Then throw some of that fun shiny glitter in there! I sprinkled just a pinch of it so that I could still see the color of the gel stain. This gel will need to completely cure overnight before it is hard enough to not get scratched. 

You can then add your lettering skills with the black oil based marker pen, and write straight on to the glass! 

On my "cup of tea" vase, I sprayed the sea glass spray as a base layer first before applying the gel stain to give it that etched frosty look. 

Have fun with your Glass Stain vases! And don't forget those twinkle lights to really make them pop!

Love, Bethany @Enchanted Lake 


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