Friday, August 4, 2017

Fun Corn Decor

With Fall right around the corner, there's no better time than now to start getting your Fall décor started and put out! This project is fun and easy and only uses two main 'ingredients'. Beads and pipe cleaners.

The first step for this project is to get three pipe cleaners. For the best outcome, use light brown or dark brown colored chenille. Twist them all together in the middle so that you now have six ends poking out of one jointed middle. You can now start to slide your beads onto your pipe cleaner and they won't slide off the other end. I used yellow and orange colored beads to give a nice fall corn color look, but you are encouraged to use any color you'd like. I used eleven beads in random order on each of the six pipe cleaner ends. After you've put all your beads on, bring all of the ends together and twist tightly right behind the final beads in each stem. Shape your corn if it gets bent out of shape, and there you have it! Your corn is finished and ready to display!

Make this in any size you'd like, you can even change this by twisting six pipe cleaners together all at one end and making a much larger ear of corn.
Happy Crafting!!
Megan @ Paa

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