Monday, November 7, 2011

Ribbon Tree

Okay, so here is another great Christmas decor idea that is easy to make and pretty quick to put together. You might have seen these Ribbon Trees at our stores the past couple of Christmases, but I wanted to take a little time, here on the blog, to go over how to make them, because a lot of people are still interested in making them.

All you need is a Styrofoam cone for your base, straight pins (the pins pictured are satin pins but most any kind of straight pin would work), ribbon (wired or not), and scissors.

Next, cut some ribbon into approximately 6 inch lengths. It's not necessary to measure every piece of ribbon perfectly to 6 inches, so don't worry if you're off here and there. Also, the amount of ribbons you need will vary on the height of your tree, so cut only a few at first and then cut more as you need them.


Next, to start putting your tree together, use the straight pins to add ribbons to the cone base. I always pin the top two corners so that the ribbon doesn't move around. To finish this row, I will continue to add ribbons around the base, overlapping each other slightly.

For the rest of the tree, each subsequent row will overlap about half of the previous row. You can also change colors for each row to vary the look of your tree.

For my finishing touch, I topped off the trees with small bows. I really like the way the bows work on these trees because they blend really well with the rest of the trees.

Pretty simple right? Of course, if you have any questions or want to see this finished project up close and personal, visit us at Enchanted Lake. We will be happy to give you a demonstration or help you get started on your own personal decor project.

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