Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Graduation Poster Board

Hello Crafters!
Since graduation season is upon us, today we’re going to talk
about graduation poster boards!
Today I’ll be focusing on this graduation board I themed with
McKinley High School. Their colors are black and gold, and their
mascot is a tiger. As you can see, I stayed with a black and yellow
theme, and added their mascot in the background.
What I used for this project was:
-20x30 foam board
-Design Master Black Glossy Spray Paint
Citrus Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint
- Black Cardstock
- Yellow Cardstock
-Scrap Poster board (Not Pictured)
-Masking Tape (Not Pictured)
-Accu Cut machine (Not Pictured)
For my sample graduation boards, I cut our 20x30 foam
boards in half, just for the sake of making multiple sample boards
while using less materials. Feel free to make a full sized board for
your project.
First, I spray painted my board all black for the background,
again, this is just because of the multi purposed board. You are
free to start with a black, or any preferred color board.
After that was dry, I used the in store Accu Cut to cut out
“2016" with the School House font out of a scrap poster board to make a stencil.
I secured the stencil down to my board with masking tape and sprayed over it with yellow.
Extra note, I taped my stencil down from underneath the stencil rather
than around, so when I sprayed over it, the edges of the border will
be visible afterwards. This was intentional for that “graffiti” painted
Once all the spray paint has dried, I started painting the tiger
logo with my citrus acrylic paint, using the McKinley HM High
School stickers we sell in store as reference.
Next step is the words. I used the Accu Cut Typewriter font to
cut out “Congratulations class of” out of yellow cardstock. Now on
my board, here is where I made a mistake, but actually turned out
to be a pretty cool effect. Some of my words clashed with the
yellow tiger in the background. To fix the problem, I cut out the
same letters that was clashing out of black cardstock. Then I
overlay yellow over the black, resulting in a cool shadow effect that
helped distinguish the words from the yellow background.
After that problem was solved, My McKinley grad board was
complete! I hope this helped you get ideas and techniques to
decorate your own grad boards to support your fellow graduates!
One last quick tip, it was easy for us to make our boards more
“school themed”, but personally I’d suggest you make your boards
more personal for that specific graduate your supporting. If they’re
in Cross Country, make a big pair of shoes! If they’re a
photographer, go for a huge camera! Get creative! The possibilities
are endless! Happy crafting!

James@ Market City

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