Saturday, April 28, 2012

Boy's Day Out! Hilo Ben Franklin's April Paper Party!'s done! We had such an awesome time today at the Hilo Ben Franklin store! Lots of make & takes, lots of giveaways, and, of course, lots of fun and laughs. Here are some pics from today:

Carol made a cute monster card! It was so popular she worried that she wasn't going to have enough kits for everyone!  

I shared a Boy's Day picture frame with everyone. And yes, that is a mess on the table, but a creative mess. ^.^ 

 Ramona decorated sugar cookies with new little friends. Hey, wait a minute. Where's Ramona? Apparently she had other reasons for taking the pictures. So she didn't have to be in them! 

In the afternoon, Carol patiently helped make pinwheels. So cute!

 One of the most popular tables and projects of the day had to be the parachute cord bracelets that Mags was showing how to make. Even the dads got involved! 

 And so did employees. :) Well, we do have to learn how to make them too so we can show all of our customers if they ask. (And if you missed it, there will be demos on the paracord bracelet coming up in the next few weeks so check the calendar available in our stores!)

 The weather was gorgeous today so Bert and Jon took a group of kids and their parents out into the soccer fields near the store to shoot off some model rockets. I'm sure they got a lesson on rocket basics first before the action began. 

But not everyone wanted to watch the rockets. Some just wanted to play with the pinwheels they had made. The wind made them spin super fast! 

All in all, we had an awesome day! We hope that everyone who attended had fun and went home with some cute new projects. Don't worry if you missed this paper party. We're going to start planning the next one soon!

Many, many thanks to Ramona for taking the pictures and planning the paper party! Awesome job!!

See you soon!

~Jen @ Hilo Ben Franklin

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