Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hearty Clay Rose

Hearty Clay Rose

Supply list:
White Hearty Clay
Daniel smith Water color Red and green

Put a small amount of White hearty Clay in your palm of your hand, roll it into a small ball. Then using your thumb press it flat into a shape of a petal. Take it and start to roll it into a bud. It will be the base of your rose.

Repeat process, but you will roll it onto the bud to start to form your rose.
Take another piece of clay to make your leaf. Make an ellipse shape with the clay. Take your tool and press into the side to give it the leaf effect. As shown in picture.
Then take the sharp end of the tool and make the veins for the leaf.
Set it aside to dry. Will take about 8 to 24 hours.

When dry you will paint it. Take a small drop of each color.
With your brush add a small amount of water. Then paint the rose. You can use less water for a darker color and more water for a lighter color.
Then paint the leaf. The same way.

   You now will have a rose that will last forever!!!!

    Joy @ Hilo Ben Franklin

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