Monday, August 12, 2013

A Sand Keeper

Don't you love it when inspiration strikes you at the most unforeseen moment? My inspiration for today's blog came to me when a friend of mine was shopping for a tray to place some small flowers in. After searching through the store, he settled on this wooden piece that has small partitions and a sliding glass door. When he added the small, corked bottles to it I knew that we had a great idea in the making.

Here is my take on what he and I put together that day. I'm going to call it a sand keeper  but really it could hold any small mementos from trips for a beautiful display. I painted the box with our Americana Multi-surface paints in a few beachy colors and later added some shells to the outside.

Craft bottles are in each compartment to hold sand or small shells. Mementos could also be simply placed inside the keeper. To distinguish one section from the other, I just wrote out small tags with place names on them and attached them to the bottles with bakers twine.

I hope you like the idea, you could stop by our Enchanted Lake store to see it, if you wanted to.

Puna @ Enchanted Lake

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