Monday, December 2, 2013

For those on your Naughty-cal List

We're going to take some time off from talking about Christmas decor today to talk about Christmas gifts. I know, it's not really a big leap, but gift giving IS an important part of the holidays, right? And on that note:

Check out these hand-made, cute, sea-loving totes! These chevron patterned, canvas totes are sold in gray and red, and all I had to do to make them gift-worthy is decorate them with some nautical flair.

One the first bag I painted a sand dollar using turquoise Ceramcoat acrylic paint. You can free hand your design like I did or use a stencil.

On the second bag I simply hot-glued some rope in an anchor shape. I would suggest using Fabri-tac to attach the rope if you're planning on washing the bag.

One little word of warning about these bags: they have a plastic lined interior which makes them great for taking to the beach, but unfortunately also makes them unable to stand up to heat. So that means no iron-on patches or transfer paper for these guys. Just stick to your normal paints and fabric glues to keep them, and your recipients, happy.

Now, who's ready for some nautical gift giving?

Puna @ Enchanted Lake

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