Monday, December 7, 2015

Decorated Wooden Tree

Today we are going to decorate this two panel wooden Christmas tree which will be the perfect accent in any household. It will be the talk of the party! This is a more in depth project but very worth it!


-one package of a set of unfinished wood tree panels from any Ben Franklin store

-acrylic paint either the Ceramcoat or Americana brand in the colors ivory and metallic 14k Gold
1 bottle of each color

-Deco Page in either matte or gloss

-one container of ultra fine glitter in gold

-pack of nylon brushes in assorted sizes ranging from widths of 1cm - 1in

-one brush very wide in width (maybe 1in-2in) with very stiff hairs. You will want the hairs to not be smooth and close together.

-Tray Mate to catch and save any extra falling glitter. The funnel on the end makes pouring extra glitter back into the container much easier.

-BoBunny 4 pack of stencils. You will be using the stars stencil

-palette knife (either metal or plastic is fine)

-one container of BoBunny gold glitter paste

 First thing we will do is paint one panel of our two panel tree set in the color ivory with our nylon brush. Completely coat both sides. It takes about 5 minutes for the paint to dry (depending on how thickly you coat it) but wait until one side is dry before painting the other side.

Do the same thing with your metallic 14k Gold on the other panel.

Second step is create a "birch tree" look on top of our metallic gold panel. Use your big thicker bristle brush to dip lightly into the ivory paint, only getting paint on the very ends. As illustrated on the left, the further apart the bristles on your brush, the easier it will be to create thin gaps, allowing the gold to show through. brushing in one direction, cover both sides, allowing more dry time.

Third step is to go back to our first panel we painted in the solid color ivory. Letting it dry completely first, we are going to now use our BoBunny set and create these really cool 3d glitter stars.

Your stencil is sticky on the back side, so stick it onto your ivory panel, making sure it is completely sealed to the board. Take you palette knife and scoop out some BoBunny gold glitter paste and apply it smoothly across the stencil, filling in the stars. Pretend as if you are frosting a cake, applying glitter paste across the entire surface evenly.

When finished, lift your stencil from the board and wash in the sink. (washing the sticky side will be okay) The glitter paste dries really fast, so be sure to rinse your stencil within 3 minutes of applying.
You will need to repeat this step a few times to cover the entire board.

Fourth step is the glitter edges.
After both panels are completely dry, take your smallest brush and paint the a small section of edging of one of your trees. Eventually all of the edging will be covered, but because glue dries, section by section holds the most glitter.

After painting one section, holding your tree over your Tray Mate, pour ultra fine gold glitter over the glue. Repeat until you cover all the tree edges.

Then all you need is to put the two panels together! if it's too tight a fit, you can use sandpaper to make the fit more smooth. Cute right?!

Bethany@Enchanted Lake

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