Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Letter Felt Plush

Hey everyone! 
I've been itching to make some felt plushies.  Then I thought:
What would be a fast, personalized and adorable last minute gift?
Alphabet plushies!  You could sew up the letters of your friends or
 family members'
initials or even their whole name!
All you need are a few things.
DMC Embroidery Floss
Ribbon (3 in.)
Fabric Scissors
Sewing Needle
Polyfill stuffing (not pictured)
Sharpie (optional)
Let's get started!
First, you're going to sketch out your template on your paper.  You want to make sure your
letter is at least one inch all around because you're going to need room for stuffing.
Cut your pattern out.
I'm going to show you to different ways of cutting your pattern out on your felt.
The first way is pinning the template onto your felt and cutting around it.  For letters with negative space in the middle like this 'D', 'A's or even more complex ones like 'G' or 'W' where you need to cut around awkward corners and angles, this might be difficult.  The second is the good old tracing method, where you trace the template onto your felt with a Sharpie.  Some people have different preferences, but choose whichever is easiest for your letter.
Cut out two pieces and pin them together.  Then, you're going to start sewing! 
If you have a letter with an opening, try sewing up that part first so that your felt pieces are held together and the edges line up as you continue sewing.  Your pins are there to help you out at the beginning, but you're going to need them out so that you can stuff your letter later!
I'm going to be using the basic blanket stitch for a decorative border.
To do this stitch, stick your needle through your felt from underneath your piece about 1/8th of an inch from the edge. 
Then, pull your thread through and put the needle downward into the loop of working thread that is forming at the back of your piece.  Make sure that the thread coming out of the top with your needle is "underneath" your needle as you do this. 
Continue pulling slowly.  The thread from the loop will now form the outer edging of your piece once you pull it snugly against the side of your felt pieces.  Making sure that your stitches are also 1/8th of an inch apart, continue until you reach the end. 
Once you've finished the inside, start on the outer edge of your letter.
I stitched about two inches and them started stuffing.  Use a little polyfil at a time I used my pencil as an awl and it did the job really well. :)  I basically stuffed as I stitched.  Every inch or so I put a small wad of polyfil in.
I sewed the ribbon in at the top as a loop with a basic Hemming stitch.
To finish your stitch off, stick your needle into the inner end of your first stitch and pull it out through a random spot in your plush.  Pull it through.  Cut the thread as close to the felt as possible and make sure the end is hidden within the two felt pieces. 
Finito!  Your letter plushie is done!
These are easily customizable!  Go to town with the embellishments!  If you have the skills, you
could totally embroider some designs on your felt before sewing your plush together.  Add some beads to your blanket stitch.  Experiment with different color combinations!  These are really fun to make as a last minute gift or even as ornaments for your tree.  Make a plush 'JOY' to hang on a garland of lights!  Make a 'MERRY' in red felt with green embroidery thread to hang on your mantle.
The possibilities are endless!
As always, have fun!

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