Monday, January 11, 2016

Stencil Cutout & Quote on Canvas

Today we are going to learn how easy it is to make a canvas look like a shadow box! 



CANVAS any size will do, but no smaller than 6x6 or cutting things out becomes more difficult. I used a 12x12 framed canvas

ACRYLIC PAINT in the 3 colors turquoise/mint, white & black, Ceramcoat or Americana brands will be great.

STENCILS with straight lines or curves that do not exceed half circle. I used the BoBunny 4 pack

FOAM OR HAIR BRUSH for painting in any size that feels comfortable, but around 1in wide

MOD PODGE/DECO PODGE in matte or gloss


EXACTO BLADE in any size, but needs to be sharp enough to cut through canvas and small enough to cut tight shapes

ACRYLIC PAINT PEN black chisel tip Decocolor paint pen

PENCIL & ERASER regular pencil and eraser is fine

CARDSTOCK 12x12 in black & white print. One sheet is good for a 12x12 canvas


CUTTING MAT/CARDBOARD you will use this to protect your blade from cutting into your table


First, paint your 12x12 canvas with turquoise/mint & white acrylic paint using your 1in foam or hair brush. I blended white towards the middle and the mint hue darker towards the edges. Then I painted the sides of the canvas black for contrast. If you want to change the color, you can paint over it! Then I let dry for 30min.

Next trace your stencil on the back side of the canvas with pencil. In this 4 pack, I cut them apart so that the stencil was more maneuverable. 

Third, take your exacto blade and cut out your drawn shapes. Press firmly and go slowly. You will need something underneath your canvas in order to keep the blade from cutting into the table! Use cardboard, old mat board, or a cutting mat.

Next, use your brush and mod podge/deco page and seal the 12x12 piece of cardstock to the 12x12 piece of chip board.

Then use a staple gun and only staple the top side to the back of the canvas with the patterned paper facing the front, so you can see it through your stencil!

Then all that is left to do is to write your quote on to your canvas with the black acrylic paint pen, and put firefly lights inside! Your battery pack can rest on the inside of the canvas on the wood. (That's why we only stapled the top)


And that's how you make this really fun canvas design.

Bethany @Enchanted Lake

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