Monday, January 25, 2016

NEW Spring Sprinkles & Chocolate Shavings

Hey Everyone!

Just to let you know, all the Ben Franklin stores just got in this new line of Spring Sprinkles and Chocolate Shavings for Baking!

They are too cute!!!

There are 4 colors in the "grass" candy shred: 

Lime Green, PurpleBlue, and Hot Pink!

There are also 3 shimmering shapes:

Confetti Dots, Daisies, and Butterflies!

And of course our new 

Chocolate Shavings and Sprinkles!!!

Which includes:

White Chocolate Pearls, Marbled Chocolate Curls, Dark Chocolate Curls, and Milk Chocolate Flakes!!


And a big thanks to Julie @Enchanted Lake for making this delicious cupcake for us!

All the fun things you can do!
Happy Baking!!!

-Bethany @EnchantedLake

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