Monday, January 18, 2016

Kids Craft - Butterfly Box

We are going to learn how to make a cute kids craft that can double as a Valentine's Day gift! 


PAPER MACHE BUTTERFLY BOX these come in two sizes, roughly 3 in & 4.5 in

CARDSTOCK colorful colors with prints are best. I used blue polka dots

HOT GLUE GUN/GLUE STICKS any size or temperature is fine. Low Temp hardens much faster, but is safer for kids. We also offer the "Cool Shot" which is a cool to the touch glue gun that uses special sticks that melt in very low temperatures.

BLACK PAINT PEN I used the Deco oil based fine tip marker

ACRYLIC PAINT in fun colors. I used chocolate cherry, brown, and blue

COURSE/THICK HAIR BRUSH the thick hair will make it easier to get that "wood" look

BUMPY CHENILLE STEMS I used black, but feel free to play with color! These fun fuzzy stems come in a few colors including pink & brown

BLACK PONY BEADS we sell several colors of small packs for less than $2

First step is to take the lid of our box and trace it on our cardstock paper.

Cut out butterfly shape and then cut into 3 sections, so that the body part is taken out.

Put wings off to the side for now. 

Next paint the lid of the box with blue acrylic paint. Wait about 5-10 minutes to dry depending on how thickly the paint is applied.


You can cut your wing pieces to be more detailed in outline so they will really POP and look realistic. Feel free to experiment! If the wing is smaller than the outline cutout, it will fit just fine on the lid of your box.

Next take your glue gun and apply a line of glue to the edge of the wing. Hold it on to your lid at an angle until the glue hardens enough to not fall flat.

Don't forget to leave a space in the middle for the body of your butterfly!

Then, take your bumpy Chenille Stem and cut off the first bump.

Next, take one Poly Bead and slide it onto the part of the stem that has been cut. Then curl the skinny end under the bottom to secure it, and keep the bead from falling off.

Then glue a line down and apply the body of the butterfly to your box!

Now for this step you can simply paint the bottom part of the box a solid color, but I chose to "distress" it, to make it look like a wood log. 

First paint the entire bottom half of the box with your darkest brown. I used "chocolate cherry."

Wait 5-10 minutes to dry.

Then take your thick coarse brush and lightly dip into the lighter brown color. 

Very lightly brush in an up & down movement to get uneven lines. This makes it look like wood grain, or aged.

Almost done!!!

Take your black Decocolor marker and write out a quote, or name on the sides of the lid.

I wrote:

And there you have it!

Cute kids craft!

Other optional things you can do with your box is use rhinestones as embellishments or glitter!!

Have fun!!!

Bethany @Enchanted Lake

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