Monday, May 2, 2016

Ombre Seaglass Mermaid Vase

For a beautiful mermaid vase or centerpiece, look no further!
Today we are making our very own using an ombre spray technique and a few ocean accents!
You can even include Firefly lights to give it a whimsical glow.


textured tall glass vase (two sizes are sold at Ben Franklin in Hawai'i)
Krylon Sea Glass Spray in the color aqua
dark brown burlap ribbon 1in wide
white starfish
dark brown netting
hot glue gun/glue sticks
*warm white Firefly lights

After finding a place outdoors, and laying down some cardboard or newspaper,
turn your vase upside down and spray from the top down. The longer the spray is over the glass the darker the color will become. In order to get that ombre look, zig zag spray downwards, spending barely any time at the top of the vase. That will ensure that the top of your vase is almost perfectly clear, and the bottom is nice and dark. Continue this zig zag pattern on all sides and let dry for 30 mins.

Once the paint is dry, cut 2 strips of dark burlap ribbon and hot glue it to the sides of the vase.

Then hot glue your jute twine around the middle, overlapping the middle edges of the brown ribbon, but leaving room for it to show on either side of the top and bottom. Then glue starfish and netting!
So easy!

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