Saturday, May 7, 2016

Project: Decorated multi occasion Card Box

Materials used:

-           1 foam core 32” x 40” cut into (4) 12” x 12” squares and (2) 12”x 11 5/8”.

-            5 single sheet 12” x 12” paper of a pattern/color appropriate to your occasion.

-          1 roll of “bling” ribbon (available in different widths)

-           Hot glue gun

-          Utility knife to cut opening for card drop and retrieval.    


-           Place one 12” x 12” foam core piece flat on your working surface.

-          Using the hot glue gun attach 2 of the 12 x 12 pieces upright facing each other forming two sides of the box. Place the 12 x 11 5/8” pieces upright between the first two sides forming a box without a top.    

-          Before attaching the top piece, glue the paper to the foam core and then cut out the drop slot (make sure a small hand can fit so you can get the cards out as there is no trap door in this design).

-          Glue paper to the other sides then glue the top to the sides completing the box.

-          Cut the bling ribbon to lengths that would fit each side to hide the outside corners then trim with a pair of sharp scissors.                           
                                                      Hilo Ben Franklin

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