Tuesday, May 3, 2016

"Oh Whale..." Glass Box

"Whale" have I got an adorable project for everyone this week...
(*crickets chirping*)
Doodlebug has a great ocean-themed collection for us that is perfect for summer scrapbooking pages.  Bright colors, sea life, beach balls, palm trees and of course, mermaids!  But is all honesty, I do prefer the whales.  One, they are amazing creatures, and two, who could resist that vibrant color palette?  It went really well with the Ceramcoat Watermelon and Butter Yellow paints.
This is one of the glass top wooden boxes that all stores got in for Spring.  Because this particular design was a little more shallow than the others, I decided to use it as a shadow box instead of a storage container.  I Mod-Podged a piece of the whale paper onto the bottom of the box and then gave the inside of the box two coats of Butter Yellow Ceramcoat.  I then painted the outside with Watermelon.  After that dried, I used a dry bristle brush to distress the sides with a bit of Metallic 14K Gold Ceramcoat. 
I then wrote a cute pun right onto the whale paper as a finishing touch.
That's pretty much it for this project, but like always, experiment, make it your own and have fun!
Erika @ PC

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