Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pocket Winter Wonderland

    Hello again, fellow Crafters! This week, I have an adorable little project that
can capture the beauty of the Christmas landscape into a cute little box.
This is a great activity for kids and make a great gift for fairy garden and miniatures
lovers alike!
All you need for this project are:
1. Small Wooden or Paper Mache Box
2. Mini Christmas Trees
3. White Air-dry clay
4. Moss
5. Paint (I used Delta Americana)
6. Snow-Tex & Twinkle Flakes
7. Your Imagination!
For those of you who have made fairy gardens before, this is basically the same concept.
Anything goes!  Picture the scene you want, start with the inside coat of paint and then start
gluing your pieces of landscape in!  Here, I pictured a winter scene taking inspiration from the scenery in Rankin Bass' Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.
Be creative and have fun!
See you next week!
Erika @ PC

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