Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Magical Rose Decor

Can we talk about the new Beauty and the Beast trailer that just came out??
I am so excited.  Can't wait!  
For all you Beauty and the Beast fans and straight up "Disnerds" out there
looking for the perfect project to keep you busy during the long wait or just
to spruce up your home with a little magic, this is the one for you!
It's fun and it will definitely be a conversation starter and will definitely make
a perfect gift for the holidays.

Supplies Needed
Glass Dome
Silk Rose(s)
Floral Cutters
Suji Cord
Clear Tape
Glue Dots
Firefly Lights

First, cut the rose to the length you want.  Remember, it needs to be short enough to be suspended in the dome.  Make sure it is at least two inches shorter than the height of the dome.
Second, cut a short length of suji cord and attach to the larger petals toward the underside of the rose using a glue dot.  Pinch the glue dot and one end of the suji between two large petals.
Next, tape the other end of the cord to the top of the dome.  
If you have a few stray rose petals or another rose on hand, cut a couple of petals off of it and put it on the base.
After that, put the dome back onto its wooden base, curl some firefly 
lights around your rose and Voila! 
I hope everyone has a wonderful time making these!
We want to see how your magical roses turn out.  Post your photos
on Instagram and use the tag #bfcrafts!

Erika @ PC

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