Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pinecone Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas tree...
How lovely are thy branches...
A tree always kicks off the Christmas season for my family!  It really doesn't feel
like the holidays until we bring a nice 6 foot tree home and shake out it's branches, its
refreshingly sharp smell wafting through the house...
If you want to bring a little of that feeling Christmas cheer to work, I have one craft that is simple,
festive and downright ADORABLE.

Mini Pinecone Christmas tree! 
All you need are a few items.
1. Pinecone
2. Green Acrylic Paint
3. Pom Poms
4. Firefly lights
5. Mini Terracotta Pot
First, Paint your pinecone!  I chose a traditional Christmas green, but you can mix up the colors if you'd like.  You can even leave it as is for a nice neutral and rustic palette.  White pompoms or Snow Tex would be great for trimming it.  Or why not try a cutesy pastel palette?  Maybe an ice blue tree with iridescent twinkle flakes and pink pompoms? 
Second: Glue your mini pompoms onto your pinecone after it's fully dry.  Then, take your firefly lights and wrap them around you tree starting from the top.  Because I had chosen the 10 bulb firefly lights, I was able to hide its small battery pack inside the Terracotta pot, which I placed the pinecone "tree" onto for a base.  You can go ahead and paint the pot as well! 
And that's all she wrote!
This is a great activity for kids as well, so don't pass up the chance to make some great holiday memories.  Have fun!
Erika @ PC

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