Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Simple Nativity Scene

12 days 'till Christmas already?!   WHAAAAT?
Yup, that's right! I hope everyone's holiday season isn't too crazy!
How's that holiday shopping? It seems to get harder and harder every year.
For those of you looking for an easy-peasy piece of holiday décor that would also
be great as a gift for a church-goer or who likes the sacredness of the Christmas season,
I have a beautiful and elegant wooden nativity scene!
All you need are a few salvaged items from your basic crafts pantry.
Supplies Needed
Jumbo Popsicle Sticks
Wooden Figures
Jute Cord
White Felt
Wooden Bead
Rolled Paper Floral Wire
Snowflake or Star
Shell (optional)
Brown Stamp Pad (optional)
First, distress your popsicle sticks with a brown stamp pad.  It's really up to your personal style.  I wanted to give this a primitive and antique feel, but you can leave it plain if you'd like.  Second, hot glue all your sticks into a triangle form.  I made sure to make one flat so that it could stand on its own when not on a Christmas tree.  Next, I cut out a semi-circle piece of white felt for Mary's veil, then hot-glued the curve to the crown of her head.  I then cut a piece of the rolled paper wire for Joseph's can and curved the top to create a small cane.   For Baby Jesus, I cut a small piece of felt and wrapped it around a small wooden bead.  I hot-glued the little bundle into a tiny shell.  
After the Mary and Joseph figures were hot-glued onto the floor of the stable, I hot-glued a couple pieces of raffia on either side of the couple and then placed Baby Jesus at the very center.  To finish it up, I glued a "North Star" (snowflake) at the apex of the stable roof and then glued a piece of jute rope onto the back for hanging on a tree.
There you have it!  A cute little nativity that although primitive,
makes a great and meaningful gift. 
See you next week!
Erika @ PC

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