Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sweet Little Succulent

 I am always fascinated by succulents and how little upkeep and care they need. Unfortunately, I am one of those people that cannot maintain one of these gorgeous plants. I decided I needed to make myself one instead. Materials needed to make yourself a cute little succulent plant include a sheet of a green felt, a needle, scissors, and thread. I used an extra strong string for mine.
Cut out different sizes of long triangles, try to make about five or seven of them all the same size of each size range you make. This will make your plant look more even. Once they are all cut out, the next step is stringing your thread through your leaves. 
Make  sure when stitching through your leaves to either fold it as seen above, or to just make sure to go in and out as seen below. It is important that all of your leaves are sewn on the same way as one another, otherwise you will have some that end up upside-down.
This is how each leave will look when pulled properly from above. String all of your leaves from biggest to smallest, and pull on your string once you have them all placed on. your string will coil up nicely and make a sweet little plant. The below picture is shown of the plant from below. 

There are only four layers in this plant, with the size of the leaves jumping from very large to quite small, you can vary yours to give all kinds of different looks to your plant! You can leave it outside and by itself, or you can place it inside of one of these tiny terracotta pots.  I really enjoyed the look both ways, it's totally up to you!!

Make this project your own and have fun!! 
Megan @ Mapunapuna

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