Monday, March 6, 2017

St. Patty's Day Leprechaun Hat Cups

St. Patrick's is coming up fast, so today's craft are cute little leprechaun hat cups! Use them as decoration, or as functional drinking cups for a St. Patrick's themed party!

Essential Materials:
  • Oyster Votive
  • Two shades of green foam sheet
  • Glitter gold foam sheet
  • Black satin-edged organza ribbon
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Scissors
  • Exacto knife
  • Double stick tape
Optional Materials:
  • E6000 glue 
  • Alcohol ink 
  • Black deco pen
  • Ruler
  • Black satin ribbon

Making Your Hat:
     Step one: Make the brim. 
Flip the votive upside down and trace the wide end onto the darker green foam sheet, then cut it out. Use either double stick tape or the E6000 glue to attach the foam circle to the bottom of the cup.
A 2" Fiskers thick punch could work too!

      Step two: Attach the belt. 
Wrap your ribbon around the cup and cut it to length (just about 7"). Use double stick tape or glue to attach the first side, then wrap it around (making sure to keep it level) and attach the ends.

      Step Three: Make your buckle and lucky shamrock. 
Cut out your buckle and shamrock from paper, then trace them onto the appropriately colored foam sheets and cut them out. Use the exacto knife for the inside of the buckle. Once everything is cut out attach them to the cup using either glue or tape. Make sure to use the buckle to cover up the seam from where the ribbon ends meet!

Feel free to trace our template, or get extra creative and make your own!

       Step Four: Finished!
Use the black deco pen to outline the brim and shamrock, and add a little detail to the shamrock leaves. This is optional, but it makes everything look like a fun cartoon!

Want to get even more creative? Add some color to your glass using alcohol ink, or use green glitter foam to give things even more pizzazz!
This cup is a combo of Pesto and Stream, but we have lots of shades of green to choose from

Remember, alcohol ink can be washed in water without harm, but it is alcohol soluble. Be aware of how you intend to use your cups before you choose your decoration!  Have fun and happy crafting! 

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