Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Ivy Bunny Bowl


What We Used:
  • One Ivy Bowl
  • Foam Craft Sheets, White and Pink
  • White Craft Pom Poms, 1/4 in and 2 in.
  • Spring Colored Ribbon, 2" wide
  • Googly Eyes, 15mm
  • Low Temp Hot Glue Gun
You'll need:
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks for the Glue Gun
  • Pocket Lighter

Cut out shape of head and ears of White Foam Craft Sheet and Pink Foam Craft Sheet for inner ear and nose.

Glue pink ears to the white base, and your craft pom poms about 3/4" of the way to leave room for the big pompoms for it's cheeks. After pompoms, glue googly eyes and nose.

Tie a bow around the neck of the bowl, below the crimp edge. Cut tails at a 45 degree angle. To prevent fraying, a pocket lighter can help. Don't touch ribbon to the flame, let the heat melt the edges slowly.

5 Large pompoms for it's arms and feet go on the bowl as show. One more for it's fluffy back side!

OR! Come Join us for a workshop on March 31st for $15 at HM Ben Franklin Crafts, Market City. All your supplies will be included.

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