Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Preparation - First Aid in a Box

Have you seen these versatile expanding boxes at Ben Franklin?  They are great for little storage surprises to start out your summer. In the example shown, we've taken the sections and labeled them to reflect a simple first aid kit.

This is an easy gift idea for an on-the-go emergency kit.  Leave it on a bookshelf, in your car or boat.  Kids, grandparents, anyone can decorate and fill it.

Some other ideas for using this box include:
  • Storage closet for paper dolls and their clothes
  • Play doctor's kit
  • Beginner's sewing kit
  • Small stamp with stamp pad organizer
  • Business card sorter or holder
  • Memory box for 4 separate topics (family members)
  • To-Do list or receipt organizer
  • Collection box for stickers
  • Coin sorter (pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters)
  • Make up box (lipsticks, single colored shadows, brushes)
  • Crayons or other small art supplies
  • Large jewelry or prepackaged small jewelry
  • Marble or shell collections
  • Rock collections
  • Small photographs or pictures
  • Anything you'd like!
Very affordable and versatile for your summer crafting projects!  Find them at Ben Franklin.

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