Tuesday, August 28, 2012

GLAM OUT YOUR SKULL wood cut out!

I was so excited to get the Sierra Pacific Crafts Halloween wood cut outs! There are bats and witches shoes, spiders, etc, but I knew when I saw the skull that I wanted to do some kind of sugar skull design. I started with a Poly-brush foam brush, "Regal Purple", "Black" and "Gold" Deco Art Crafters Acrylic Paint. I love using the foam brushes when layering paint, because of the different textures you can so easily create by applying different pressure the the brush. I painted some purple on the chin and gold on the forehead and teeth, and brushed the rest with the black paint. After doing two coats of the black and letting it dry, I applied tacky glue with a foam brush where I wanted my purple glitter. I added flat-back rhinestones 5mm and 7mm with tacky glue to the eyes and one of the teeth. I used ProArt 3/0 Gold Nylon Liner brush to apply the spider webs and spider, and a 6 Gold Nylon Round for the purple dots and other details...around the eyes and mouth etc. The orange around the mouth was unexpected (it bled through when I painted the other side), but I love what it adds to it, so I kept it.


I love how this side looks like he was electrocuted..zap! First, I painted the entire side with "Pure Pumpkin" Deco Art Crafters Acrylic paint with a Poly-brush foam brush. After it dried, I took the foam brush and used black paint to circle the eyes. I took the corners of the foam brush and rapidly dragged the black out from the eyes for a shocking effect. Then, I lightly brushed over the teeth with the same brush. Next I took the ProArt 6 Gold Nylon Round brush and  painted cracks along the chin and forehead. That's it...so easy and fun. You can hang them in your window or classroom by the hole in the top of the cut-outs. Let the spooky fun begin!

-Market City BFC

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