Sunday, April 14, 2013

Life's A Beach...

Ahoy Crafters! :)
I just wanted to share with you the sea-worthy beach display at the Hilo Ben Franklin store.

Lots of fishes and ocean-related decor. (Of course, when a friend of mine saw this picture, she just HAD to ask if those were monster fish or if the sailboat was just small. But aren't the fish cute?)

We even have life preservers. (But just a note:  don't try to wear them. They're for decoration purposes only. And not for accessorizing your outfit with. Trust us. They're not too comfortable. This was learned the hard way.)

So come check out our beach/ocean section. There's lots of things to look at. Glass bottles, shells, clocks that look like fish, and much much more! 

"Sea" you soon! (Haha! Okay, I'm done now. XD)

~Jen at Hilo Ben Franklin

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