Monday, April 8, 2013

Pinspiration Pinterest Party

Our portion of the blog for the next few weeks is going to be focusing on projects we're featuring in our Pinspiration Pinterest Party. The party is taking place on April 27th, right here at our Enchanted Lake Ben Franklin from 10:00am - 2:00pm. Join us that Saturday for the following make 'n takes plus some great demonstrations, awesome prizes, and a lot of fun.

These wrap bracelets are everywhere on Pinterest now, but it can be difficult sometimes to find a good tutorial. Instead, you could come to our store on April 27th and make your own under the watchful eyes of one of our crafters for just $8.00. That's way better than buying one for $20+.

How about a memo center that adds to the decor in your home instead of clashing with it? Make one of these to match your scheme for only $8.00. The project only takes about 20-30 minutes as long as you're a quick color picker.

Last but not least, what about something to perk up your party? How about a colorized centerpiece made to look like sea glass? You can join us on April 27th and create your own Faux Sea Glass centerpiece for just $3.00. Believe it or not these are made with food coloring and Elmer's Glue, and look great out in the sun.

We certainly hope that you can make it to our fun event. If you need more information or you have any questions please ask us at the Enchanted Lake store. We'll give you the latest news, fees, and project times.

Puna @ Enchanted Lake

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