Monday, August 19, 2013

For the record...

Today's blog topic focuses on something that a lot of younger people may not get the chance to see very often. If you don't know what these earrings are supposed to be then you're missing out on a piece of musical history! I made these vinyl record earrings because last week Monday was Vinyl Record day.

They were pretty easy to make too. All I did was take a couple of big black buttons and add small pieces of red paper to them to cover up the button holes and to be the record label. Then, with a white ultra-fine Deco Color pen, I made the highlights on the sides of the record. To add the ear hooks, all I did was punch a hole at the top of the button with the Crop-a-dile and add a jump ring.

Here's a picture of my coworker, Asia, modeling the earrings for me. I tried to use the biggest buttons I could find. If you don't have the buttons, you could also easily make the records out of clay.

Let's bring vinyl back in style! Well, for your ears anyway.

Puna @ Enchanted Lake

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