Thursday, August 22, 2013

Halloween Paper Mache Cone

This is a great start to all the great Halloween decorating. This makes for a great Halloween Centerpiece or anywhere to show off in your house. There are endless way to decorate your paper mache cone. This is one of the great ways to decorate it.

30121473 - Paper Mache Cone
30108688 - Purple Glitter Tulle
30119093 - Black Americana acrylic paint
30140545 – Pick-glitter black bat
30140560 – Glitter black leaf
30133893 – 2pc Halloween Critter
30120797 – Stretchy spider web
Sponge brush
Glue Gun

Cut about an inch of the tip of the cone. Paint the cone and the leaves with the black acrylic paint. Wrap the tulle around starting from the base to the top of the cone. Glue the flower and the leaves to the base of the cone. Glue your glitter black bat on the cone. I put my bat above the flower. Take the Glitter black leaf and cut portions of the branches to glue in different places of the cone. Add the Halloween critter to the top.
You’re done! 

Happy Crafting! Beth @ Mapunapuna BFC

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