Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Witches Hat

Halloween is just around the corner and if you plan on making your decorations, then you'd better start early! This Witches hat could be used as a decoration by itself on a table, mantle, lanai or in a wreath even! It is so simple to make... All you do is:

1 paper mache cone
1 sheet of chipboard or mat board (Any stiff cardboard like material)
3 different Halloween colored ribbons
Black acrylic paint

Cut the chipboard (or stiff cardboard) in a circle about 2" wider than the base of the cone, this will be the brim of the hat. Glue the brim to the base of the hat, now we have our hat shape! Paint the whole thing with black acrylic paint, you can add glitter or any color you would like also. Wrap different ribbons around the base and use one for a bow. Adhere with Fabri-Tac and you are DONE!! Wasn't that easy and awesome?! 

Thank you for looking and CRAFT ON!!! ~ Deborah @ Market City

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