Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Unbreakable Ornament

Halloween Ornament

Creepy, Crawly and Creative is what your going to say when your child makes this bat ornament. 

30143772 – Clear unbreakable ornament
77613620 – Black Foam Sheet
30055159 – Moving Eyes
30131084 – Stickles
30121824 – Glitter it
30141797 – Vintage Sparkle

Cut the shape of bat wings with the black foam sheet. Make any design with the Stickles on the foam sheet. Pour a small amount of glitter it in the unbreakable ornament and swirl it around. Make sure to get all of the ornament coated. Pour any remaining liquid back into the Glitter It bottle. Add a good amount of glitter to the inside of the ornament. Give it a good shake to make sure the glitter has coated the inside. Glue the eyes and bat wings. A hat or add some pom poms to make bat ears will finish the ornament. 

Happy Crafting! Beth @ Mapunapuna BFC

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