Monday, October 28, 2013

Resin-ating Everything

You may have seen a lot of posts lately about our new UV Crystal Resin that we are now carrying in our stores. That's probably because this product is so super cool that all of us are excited about using it. I personally like this resin because it makes making classy jewelry amazingly easy and, well, classy looking. Also, as you will soon find out, it is gloriously versatile in the things that can be done with it.

This lovely Parisian looking piece is a cell phone charm straight out of a kit. The kit includes everything that you see (plus more) and everything you need to make this chic charm.

This pendant borrows an idea from the lovely Beth at our Mapunapuna store. I was so in love with her sprinkle pendant that I just had to make one for myself. I mean, who doesn't love candy?

This nautical stunner was made by our very own Toni and is a purse hook. I'm thinking handmade Christmas gifts for all those large handbags that my friends frequently tote around. 

And this piece, believe it or not, is a jelly jar lid. This is another great gift idea for Christmas. Give to your friends who need a small jewelry holder that is just as elegant as their jewelry.

What did I say? Totally versatile, right? I'll expect to see you all in our stores soon to get your hands on some awesome resin-ating fun.

Puna @ Enchanted Lake

Scroll down for fun with Popsicle sticks for the holidays on Crankin' Out Crafts!

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