Wednesday, March 11, 2015


     Have you seen our new ribbons?   Pretty satin ribbons with a gold or silver metallic trim are  available for your lei making! Start early, graduation is right around the corner!  Or, make one for Easter, Mother's Day or any other special occasion.  There are Lei Making demonstrations at Pearl City or join a workshop to learn to make your own.  The easy 2-ribbon braided lei is perfect for beginners; then go on to learn a more deluxe version, like the one pictured with 4 ribbons!  Lei books are available with pictures and instructions to refresh your memory.

    Have a fun session in braided lei making with Kalo on Thursday mornings!  There's always laughter and chatter at the tables!  Kalo volunteers her time to share her knowledge and  joins us each graduation season to teach beginners to braid beautiful leis.  Everyone leaves with a lei or two in each session. Her schedule is subject to change, please check with the store in case of a schedule change.

gloria @ Pearl City

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