Thursday, June 4, 2015

Grad Party Centerpiece

Hi there! Today I'll be showing you an awesome centerpiece idea.  It's perfect for your upcoming grad parties but it's so universal you can make it for any celebration.

You will need the following supplies:

- Styrofoam ball, you can choose what size ( I used the 4" one)
- Tissue paper in at least 2 different colors ( I used 3)
- Glitter paper or metallic paper for cut outs
- white floral wire
- 1 BBQ skewer
- Hot glue gun
- serrated knife or Styrofoam cutter 

First, use the serrated knife or Styrofoam cutter to cut your ball in half.

 Next, cut your tissue papers into approximately 8" squares.  I cut each sheet in half and then cut those halves into thirds.  You can make them smaller if you want a little smaller centerpiece.  I used about 9 sheets per color. 

Take one sheet of tissue paper and pick it up from the center.  Pull the outside edges down and gather them.

Put hot glue on the center of the tissue paper and place on the Styrofoam.  You'll need to hold it there for about a minute so it doesn't fall. Alternate between the different color tissue papers.  The metallic I used is blue on one side and silver on the other so I used both sides instead of purchasing 2 different colors. That way, I had white, silver and blue. 


Continue, alternating colors until you cover the whole Styrofoam.

Now you can add your embellishments! I used the store die cut machine to cut out "2015," 2 large stars, and 2 small grad caps out of glitter paper.  I used a Marvy Uchida star punch to punch out smaller stars as well.  I used double sided tape to join the 2015 together and hot glued it to a BBQ skewer.  Then I glued each of the other cut outs to a piece of white floral wire that I cut at different lengths.  Poke them into the Styrofoam to arrange.  You can also add a photo of the graduate or school logo.  You can really add anything you want.

It makes such a great centerpiece and works for any occasion!

I hope you enjoyed this project and until next time, happy crafting!
Rachel @ Mapunapuna

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