Monday, June 1, 2015

Graduation Gift Box (unfinished wood box)

Today you'll learn how to create a cute graduation gift box using an unfinished wood.  It's great to give as a gift or you can use it as a center piece.  Let's get started.

Unfinished wood with a removable cover
Acrylic paint - black
Acrylic paint - color of your choice
Paint brush
Hot Glue Gun
12mm Rhinestone (clear/crystal)
DecoColor - Gold (fine tip)

Optional Supplies:
DMC Floss

First gather your paint and unfinished wood box.  Paint the bottom of the box with the school color or any color you choose and paint the top (cover) black.

Take your top cover (black) and get your rhinestones.  With a hot glue gun add a dot of hot glue onto the lower part of the cover and add your rhinestone.  Continue this step until you cover the bottom rim of the cover.

Once that is complete, with your gold paint pen draw/write Class of 2015 on the top of the cover.

At this point you can hot glue on a button with a tassel in the middle of the box cover (optional).

And your done!
Hope you enjoyed this quick graduation gift box!

Have a Craftastic Day!
Julie @ Enchanted Lake

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