Monday, June 22, 2015

Tulle Bow Hair Tie

Today you'll learn a simple and fast way to make your cute little tulle bow hair tie.  Let's get started.

Tulle (color of your choice)
Yard Stick
Hair Tie

First gather your supplies.  Get your yard stick and tulle.  Measure out about 1/2 a yard to 1 yard of tulle and cut.  If you want your bow to be fuller you can cut out a longer piece.  Also cut out about 5 inches of tulle.

Wrap your 1 yard of tulle around your four fingers.  If you want the bow to be fuller, wrap the tulle around your finger tighter.

Gently slide the wrapped tulle off your fingers.  Get your 5 inch tulle and wrap it around the center of the wrapped tulle and tie a knot.

Slide your scissors between the knot and the outer fold and snip the tulle to separate the fold on both sides.
 It should look like this...

Trim of the excess tulle if necessary.

Get your hair tie and tulle bow.  Place the tulle bow onto the hair tie and with the center tulle tie a knot around the hair tie.  Trim off the center tulle to match the rest of the bow.

And you're done.  You can now wear this hair tie or give it as a gift.

Have a Craftastic Day!
Julie @ Enchanted Lake

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