Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fall Flower Memo Board

Hello, everyone!  So, the weather has been pretty gray and wet recently, but I hope you all are staying nice, dry and comfortable.  Nothing like staying home and crafting on a rainy day. Still eagerly waiting for the cold autumn weather to arrive though.  So excited! 
This week, we're going to be making a distressed wood memo board. 
 Supplies Needed
Wooden Sign
White Acrylic Paint
Brown Chalky Finish Crème Wax
Mini Clothespins
Paintbrushes (1 taklon/1 natural bristle)
Hot glue gun (Not pictured. Sorry! It was heating up!)

Let's get started!

First, give the sign two coats of white paint.  Let dry.
Second, dip the tip of the natural bristle brush in the brown wax.  Lightly brush the edges of each board with a light, transparent layer.  Make sure to follow the wood grain so that it looks natural.  Let dry.

Next, take the twine and hot glue the end to the back.
 Wrap the twine around the board three times, leaving at least 3 to 4 inches of space between each wrap. It's okay if the lines aren't straight.  Making them slanted gives it a more rustic look. Make the wraps tight, but do not pull it taut.  The mini clothespins are going to have to be able to fit! Hot glue the end to the back to secure.

I added a pop of color by hot gluing flower heads from a couple of the fall picks that we have in our stores this year.  It gave it that rustic, autumn look that I was going for.
These are memo boards are great for posting notes and photos.  They could either be propped up on your office desk or hung on the wall because these signs already come with rings on the back for hanging.  Very vintage and cute!
Of course, you could always make it your own by changing up the color and embellishments.  Some decals and mod-podged scrapbook paper would also be a great way to add some texture.
Have fun!
Erika @ Pearl City

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