Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Washi Tape Quill Pen

Hello again, everyone! Today we're going to have some fun with washi tape.  School's already back in session for the kids, so this is something that will definitely come in handy for them. Let's get started!
Ball-point pen
Washi Tape
2 sheets Vellum paper
Double stick tape
Hot glue gun
Floral Wire (for longer quills)*
Flush cutter*

*Note: The floral wire is only for long quills.  If you are making a quill that is only about 6 to 7
 inches long, you will not need it, for the vellum should be strong enough to stand on its own.
First, remove the ink reservoir.  I just twisted the cap off and pulled it out since the one pictured was retractable.  You may need pliers to remove the cap off depending on the type of pen.  remember to remove the spring as well.

Then, add a tiny amount of hot glue to the metal, about 1/4 in from the tip.  Attach the twine, then start wrapping.  You're going to wrap about 2 inches up the reservoir, wrap another layer of twine down towards the tip, then back up again.  Secure the end with some hot glue and snip off the frayed end of twine. This is so you will have a good grip on the pen when writing.

 Next, washi tape time!  These are two pieces of vellum that are about 7 inches wide and 12 inches long.  Apply the washi tape onto the vellum, making sure that the covered area is at least 5 inches wide.  Also, be sure that you tape the entire length of the paper; so from one end to the other.  Repeat on the other paper.  In the picture below, I just placed the second paper over the first one with the washi tape, and used it as a guide.

After the washi tape, flip each piece of vellum over so that the un-taped side is up. apply three pieces of double-stick tape from end to end.  Be sure that the pieces are at least 1/4 of an inch apart.
Cut off parts where there is no washi tape applied.

Place the ink reservoir onto one end of the vellum. Only about 1/4 of an inch of the twined part should be on the vellum.  (This is where you will hot glue a piece of floral wire onto the end (the last inch) of the reservoir.  It should be as long as the vellum paper. and can be secured with more douple stick tape.) Add some hot glue to the area where the twine meets the vellum.  Stick the second piece of vellum, washi tape side up, over the pen and floral wire, so that they are "sandwiched".

Here is where we will make it look like a feather!  First, cut the vellum into a long leaf shape.  It's easier to start from the "top" of the feather, so the side opposite of the pen.  

Then, starting from the top again, cut the fringe.  Make sure the cuts are more diagonal.  Try to cut as close as you can to the wire in the center.

There you have it!  These would be great for your kids to make and take to school, and would definitely stand out amongst the sea of gel pens and mechanical pencils.
They would even be fun to use in the office.
Have fun experimenting with different patterns and colors of washi tape!

Erika @ PC

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