Friday, August 21, 2015

Pawprint Art

Hello, everyone!  Today we'll be doing some art with the help of man's best friend.
This is a fun activity to do with puppies because, let's face it, what's cuter than little pawprints?
So, I decided to have my "furry cousin", Crystal, to assist with this project. 
Let's get started!

You will Need...
Non-toxic Acrylic Paint
Palette or Paper Plate 
Cardstock or Mixed Media Paper
Foam Brush 
 A bucket of warm soapy water
Your Dog! :)

I would also recommend doing this activity outside on some old newspaper or tarp.

 I decided to use Tropic Bay Blue, Caribbean Blue and Yellow.

 This is Crystal, the Golden Retriever puppy!  So cute!
First, using the foam brush, you're going to swirl the colors together a bit, or at least have them touching.  You definitely want a full paw print without any gaps. 

Take your pooch's paw and lightly dip it into the paint.  Don't press too hard, or the paint will end up between the toes and will create a blob instead of a pawprint.  If your dog is a bit fidgety like Crystal here, some treats will help. ;) You definitely don't want your dog to be licking the paint either!

The first print here is the result of too much paint on the paw.
 Next, holding the paper, press the paw into it, using your palm for support. I recommend using your palm because placing your paper on a hard surface would only give you a partial print. the curve and softer surface of your palm will result in a fuller and even print.  After you are done, make sure to wash your dogs paws right away!  Letting the paint dry will make it harder to wash off later.

I love how her fur added more to the prints.  They look like flowers!

Here are a couple of her best prints!  This is a great activity to do with your furbaby, and the prints would be adorable in a scrapbook, on ornaments, framed on the family photo wall and hey, even posted on the fridge!  As always, have fun adding your own twist and experimenting with different colors and techniques!

Erika @ PC

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