Monday, September 21, 2015

Pumpkin Bunting

Hey, everyone!  Today, I'm going to be showing you how to make some cute pumpkin bunting.  This is a really easy project that's fun to do with your kids.  

Supplies Needed
Orange Cardstock
Green Cardstock
Brown Cardstock (optional)
Double-Stick Tape
Oval Punch (any size you want)
1/8th inch Hole Punch
Twine, Cord or Ribbon
Orange Crayon

Paper Scraps are perfect for this! 


Let's Get Started! 

For one pumpkin, you're going to need to punch out three ovals out of the orange cardstock.

Second, place two ovals next to each other and put double-stick tape on the inner sides of both ovals like so.

Then, stick the third oval right at the center over the tape.  

Next, with the crayon, add some shading to your pumpkin to give it some dimension.  I used the Crayola crayon in the shade Burnt Orange.

 After that, cut a stem and a thin strip of paper no longer than three inches out of the green cardstock.  You could use the brown paper for the stem as well if you prefer a different color.

Attach the stem and strip of paper to the top of the pumpkin with double-stick tape.

Next, curl the strip of paper around a pencil.  You could also used the crayon, but I like how the pencil added some texture.

Lastly, you're going to punch two holes at the top of the pumpkin on either side.  That's pretty much it for your pumpkins.  Now, all you have to do is make as many as you want to string onto your stringing of choice.

After making all your pumpkins, you're going to string them, making sure you pull the twine to the back on one side and then pull it back out on the other.  

There you go!  Aren't they adorable?

These are perfect for decorating scrapbook pages, greeting cards, table settings and even just for window or mantle decor.  You could even draw Jack-o-Lantern faces on them, use different colored paper, add some letters onto each one to spell out a special message!  

As always: Have fun!
Erika @ PC

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