Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Freshly-Squeezed Caddy

Good Day, Crafters!
This past week, we've had a huge load of unfinished wooden products come into our stores.  Seriously, I can't stop looking at them because there are so many ideas that just pop into my head!  So many different shapes and containers to choose from. 

Today, I chose a small pen holder for one of my first projects.  As you can see, this has three slots where you can store your pens, pencils and other tools.  Something small just to clear up the desk area.  I also chose an adorable lemon-printed paper by Dear Izzy to Mod Podge onto the sides. A bright and fun fuchsia color to make it pop. I created different shades by mixing in some white acrylic and created a distressed effect, keeping the base the darkest fuchsia. 
I also wrote a quote on the front panel with an acrylic paint pen.

So, if you guys get the chance, stop by at one of our stores to check out our awesome selection of unfinished wood products and decorate your very own caddy, treasure chest, serving tray, wish box, frame or sign today!

Erika @ PC

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