Friday, February 26, 2016

Hand-Painted Signs

Hey, everyone!  
.So, the weekend is here and if you're still trying to satisfy that craft craving you've been having there is still an awesome selection of wooden signs in all shapes and sizes waiting for you at all of our Ben Franklin Crafts locations!  This past week, we've been cranking out some samples for you guys to check out.  I chose a few wooden signs because I've just had a hankering for painting this past week.  Being surrounded by all these unfinished wood products just does this to you I  

All I had to do was let the creative juices flow.  These palettes were only $3.99!  I couldn't pass up the opportunity because there's just so many ways to go with these.  Landscapes, Quirky signs, Sassy Alpaca in sunglasses, pineapples...  The possibilities are endless.
All you needed was a variety of brushes, a few Delta Ceramcoat and Satin Americana acrylic paint colors and some decorative ribbon!  Below, I even made a Spring/Easter-themed piece using one of the mini signs.  These are $1.99 each, and they already come with the hooks attached so that you could hang them up.  Not to mention there is a variety of shapes to choose from: scalloped rectangles, arrows and ovals like this little guy here.

 This small sign can be adorable as a little Easter gift or just as seasonal decor for your home. 
 This is also a great activity to do with kids.   
Three colors, and a pom pom.  How simple is that?

As always, have fun!
Erika @PC

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